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Offering CBD Brands

Growth capital, expert advice, operational services.


CBD is increasingly accepted as a natural solution to health issues.

And many entrepreneurs have started companies to deliver products serving this rapidly growing market.

But few are scaling due to their lack of access to capital and expertise.

So we started CCG, to help small companies grow by providing them capital, expert advice and services they need.

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The CBD market is growing from $600M in 2018 to $22B in 2022.

  • A newly passed December 2018 Farm Bill legalizes hemp

  • Large consumer products groups entering the playing field over the next 3 years including Coca Cola/P&G/ General Mills/Molson Coors/Estee Lauder/Sephora

  • Lots of small brands, market share is up for grabs


The CBD Capital Group team has created or managed over $1 billion in combined revenue over our careers.  


To help CBD entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and positively impact the world.


Our vision is to achieve a 9-figure valuation by the year 2022.

With our track record of success in operations, finance, marketing, supply chain optimization, retail distribution, and legal strategy, we will enable a faster and more sustainable growth curve.

Our goal is to become an attractive acquisition target or IPO at a $400M to $800M valuation.


We are acquiring CBD companies from $1M to $10M in annual revenue. These lifestyle companies would typically have limited exit opportunities by themselves, but their combined value is highly treasured by mega brands, Private Equity (PE) firms, or in an IPO.

After we acquire a CBD brand, we support the existing leadership by taking our decades of experience in scaling startups and applying it to their company.

The value of partnering with us

CBD Capital Group offers CBD entrepreneurs a path towards liquidity.

We invest our two most precious resources into companies capital and time. By infusing cash and expertise in scaling into small brands we can both accelerate their growth and get a larger valuation together.


With the entry of marketing, manufacturing and retail behemoths onto the scene, hemp CBD will transition from a grassroots movement largely driven by word-of-mouth marketing into a full-fledged competitor on the nutraceutical market, driving the whopping 132% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) expected over the five-year projection period.
— Brightfield Group